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Data Transfer

Data should be saved in a separate place in a process called backing up (making a copy).

There are several options of backing up your personal files, depending on the size and the need to access the information.
This can be via a DVD disc, USB stick, internal or external Hard Drive, online,or a combination of these.

We are happy to advise on the solution that best suits your current and future needs, and can offer training on how to back up your personal data .

Lost Data !!

Data is all the information you have entered on to your computer. Whether it is music, photos, videos or any other files or documents, these are important to you, and their loss can lead to difficulty and stress.
Data can be stored on your computer in many places, and the places where it is stored can be controlled by you.
Generally you will know where your music,documentation, video's and photo's are kept and can access them without problem. Occasionally files are lost, or you delete a link to a file.
Clix computers will be able to retrieve your information or restore the link.

In the event of a failure to the system we will attempt to recover the system to its last working condition.
If all else fails we can recover your data and retrieve the files from your computer Hard Drive.

Hard Drive failure is quite common, if necessary Clix Computers will endeavour to retrieve the personal data. We will replace your Hard Drive and will also ensure that your old Hard Drive is returned to you, or if you prefer, the data can be erased and the Hard Drive environmentally disposed of.

Our Prices


At Clix Computers we are able to make our prices competitive by keeping our overheads to a minimum.

We do not have a fixed pricing structure, but hope to gain your business by offering a quote that will beat those offered by our competitors.

Please contact us today, if we are not competitive, let us know.

PC Healthcheck

Our PC Healthcheck Service is provided at a very competitive price of £ 60

This is our most popular service and resolves most PC & laptop software issues.


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