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Broadband & Internet

Clix Computers can advise on the options available for broadband connection, with information and recommendations on suppliers and equipment. We can also supply the latest technology to enhance your surfing experience.

Broadband is the latest service to connect to the internet. Clix Computers can install a new wired or wireless system or upgrade your current system as necessary.
A simple wired system is the most cost-effective and secure way to start surfing with broadband. This is a single wire from your telephone socket to your computer, via a router which may have been provided by your broadband supplier.
Cables can be manufactured to any length to suit the site of your computer equipment. If any cables have to pass through walls etc and installation is necessary, Clix Computers can provide this service using a qualified electrician.

If you prefer not to have wires then a wireless connection is the answer. With wireless, not only the connection to the internet can be made, but also to wireless printers, headphones, backup devices, and hi-fi equipment. Wireless enables you to link several computers to the internet at the same time, within the household and beyond. This is very convenient and avoids trailing wires around the home.
Wireless networks are encrypted for security but are not totally secure. Please ask for advice before you install your broadband connection.

Our Prices


At Clix Computers we are able to make our prices competitive by keeping our overheads to a minimum.

We do not have a fixed pricing structure, but hope to gain your business by offering a quote that will beat those offered by our competitors.

Please contact us today, if we are not competitive, let us know.

PC Healthcheck

Our PC Healthcheck Service is provided at a very competitive price of £ 60

This is our most popular service and resolves most PC & laptop software issues.


Please call us for servicing requests or email with any questions which you may have about our services.
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